About This Website

This website would not be possible without the hard work of the entire St. Charles Web Team, who worked on the initial concept, design, programming, and content of this site during the Spring and Summer of 2009.

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Web hosting is graciously provided free-of-charge to St. Charles by Steven Smith Enterprises.

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About iCalendar, RSS, and Microformats

Throughout the site, you may see images like this: iCalendar Logo. This icon signifies the availability of an iCalendar feed or iCalendar item. Simply click on this icon to add the event to your calendar, if you're using Outlook, Thunderbird, iCal, Eudora, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Windows Calendar, BlackBerry Calendar, iPhone, or any other RFC 2445 compatible calendar software.

Orange RSS Logos, like this one — RSS Logo — signify the presence of an RSS 2.0 Syndication Feed, suitable for consumption by any feedreader, such as Firefox, Windows Sidebar / Gadgets, OSX Dashboard, Google Reader, or any other RSS 2.0 compatible feed reader.

Microformats are also used on this site, including the hCard standard.

Old Website

St. Charles' old website, which was maintained from 1998 - 2009 by Gerry Giehl, Dennis H. Gorman & Mike Terrillion, is available at http://old.stcharlesgreece.org/. Many thanks to these individuals for their service to the Parish — this site would not exist if they hadn't paved the way.