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Steven L Smith

Lead Developer

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Ever since the age of 8 when he disassembled, and successfully reassembled, his parents’ dot matrix printer, Steven L Smith has had a natural curiosity for all things technical. By age 13, he had created his first website, using CompuServe’s Home Page Wizard. Finding the output to be extremely limited, Steven taught himself HTML. CSS soon followed, and in High School, he learned PHP. Throughout High School and College, Steven dabbled in several other programming languages, and eventually landed an internship developing sites for a ...

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Dennis H. Gorman

Advisor, Link Wrangler

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I wrote my first program in the summer of 1959 in BLISS language on an IBM 7010. It was a summer school class called "Computer Mathematics". At that time the dictionary definition for a COMPUTER was "A person that computes." My math teacher talked me into taking the class and it became a life defining choice. I've worked in almost every area of data processing over my 50 year career and still write programs although I retired in 2002. My wife and I have been ...

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Michael Mahar


After moving back to Rochester in 1985 from a couple years living in San Diego, my family landed in St John the Evangelist’s parish. When I married Tammy we lived about half a mile from St Charles, but I remained at St John’s because of the sense of community that I felt. Tammy was eventually able to persuade me to try St. Charles. We came back from communion that first day and while praying, our toddler, Michael leaned back over the pew; lost his footing; ...

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Meredith Maillet

Social Media Coordinator

Joanie Bigham


Ex Officio

Elizabeth Cilano Content Expert - Christian Formation, Calendar Administrator
Joan Bigham Content Expert
Sherry Clifford Content Expert - Youth
Fr. Mark Brewer Project Manager, Writer