Funeral Liturgy Planning Form

About the Deceased
  • Such as Spouse, Children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchilden, etc.
  • Please indicate branch and term of service, awards, medals, and other accomplishments.
  • Please indicate active involvement in civic organizations, memberships, and political offices held.
About You

Please fill in the contact info of the person filling out this form.

Placing of the Pall
Scripture Readings

Please choose from our list of suggested Scripture readings.

The Gospel will be read by the Presider or Deacon.
General Intercessions

The General Intercessions (also known as the Prayer of the Faithful or the Petitions) come after the homily.

They are the community's prayers for immediate needs and the needs of the world.

Presentation of the Gifts of Bread and Wine

Please indicate the names of 2 - 3 people who will bring the gifts to the altar.

Words of Remembrance

The family is welcomed to choose one person to offer a personal reflection. The reflection is usually more personal about the deceased, speaking of values and virtues. It should be prepared beforehand and written out. It is requested that a copy be given to Patricia Scouten no later than the day before the funeral. The person giving the reflection should be aware of the sacredness of the occasion and the Church setting. Please limit remarks to a 3 - 5 minute maximum. The remarks should not take precedence over the homily, but should be a simple, personal reflection of the person's life. It is fine to mention one or two short stories, but beyond that it is not possible to sum up a person's life in those moments — nor is it necessary. Allow the deceased person's life to speak for itself.

Please indicate name and relationship to the Deceased.


Music for the Mass of Christian burial will be offered by our organist and Resurrection Choir.

Congregational singing is an integral part of Mass.

Homily Hints

Please describe some values, virtues, interests, etc. of your loved one that will help the priest get to know them a little better.

What personal traits will you miss the most? Why?

What was their greatest strength and how did they use it?

Describe, from your experience, the ordinary ways the deceased lived their Faith, Hope, and Love.


Where? Would you like announced in church?

Comments / Questions

Is there anything else that you need to add regarding the funeral Mass in general?