Captial Campaign Update #1

January 19, 2010
Finance Council

“Joining Together to Secure Our Future” is a capital campaign focused on renovation projects to our parish campus over the next five years, 2010-2015. The Facilities Task Force identified and developed a schedule based upon input from architects, contractors and members from the Diocesan Building and Grounds department. The pledges that we receive will fund the projects. To keep parishioners informed as to the status of the work, periodic updates will be provided by the Capital Campaign Committee. Members of this Committee are: Cindy Chamberlain, Pat Daniels, Claudine Dixon, and Carol Thompson, Chairperson.

Campaign Task Force: This Task Force is responsible for prioritizing the list of identified projects for each year, reviewing proposals, consulting with a variety of professionals as needed for additional input, and selecting a project manager, who will oversee the project work from start to its completion. Members of the Task Force are: David Andrews, Cindy Chamberlain, Terry Claffey, Fr. John Firpo, Rick Iekel, Elmer Liese, Jim Seeger and Dave Steklenski.