Electronic Giving at St. Charles Borromeo Parish

January 12, 2016

Electronic giving provides many benefits to both our Parishioners and our Parish. It is easy to set up, change, and monitor.

Benefits to St. Charles Parishioners
• No need for checks or cash
• Financial planning allows you to align your income schedule with your parish offertory schedule
• Allows you to give even if you are unable to attend parish services
• Contribution amount is easily adjusted
• Credit card option allows you to take advantage of any benefits such as airline mileage or cash bonuses

Benefits to Our Parish
• No check processing fees
• Increases regular giving with recurring contributions
• More accurate revenue forecasting
• Enhanced support for parish ministries and activities

Forms of Electronic Giving to St. Charles
Electronic Funds Transfer - Automatic Clearing House or ACH is an electronic funds transfer network that you might already use for Direct Deposit or Electronic Bill Payments. When you sign up for ACH you are authorizing St. Charles to directly debit your donation from your checking or savings account. It's simple, safe, and convenient. You can have your contributions transferred either monthly or quarterly.

Charge Cards - St. Charles can now accept your contributions using Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards. You can have your contributions charged either monthly or quarterly. St. Charles gets the benefits of your contribution while you get any perks offered by your card.

How to Sign Up
Electronic giving forms are in the back of Church, available from the Parish Office and posted on the Parish website.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Electronic Contributions safe? 
 In ACH there is no paper check, a debit to your account is electronically initiated by the church and the amount is deposited directly into the church's account. Strict security controls, from the church to the financial institutions, are applied to increase safety and prevent fraud. Contributions made using a charge card have the same level of security as all such transactions.

Is there a charge for using ACH? 
NO! Electronic funds transfers carry no bank fees to you. ACH saves St. Charles money by cutting down on administrative costs.

When will my contribution be deducted from my account? Your electronic contribution will be debited or charged on the dates you specify when you fill in the electronic giving form.

How do I keep my check book in balance if I am not writing checks? 
 Your contributions will be clearly listed on your monthly checking or savings account statements just like any ACH transactions you currently use. Also, since your contribution is made on a pre-established day, you can deduct it from your register at any time.

How much do I have to give? 
 There is no minimum or maximum to the amount you can give by ACH or charge card. We welcome contributions of any size!

How can I participate in the weekly offering if I am using ACH? 
 You may also give during the liturgy. Some people prefer to write, "I give electronically" on their envelope and place it in the plate with no check or money in the envelope.

What about special collections? 
 Because special collections often do not fall on pre-established days, we will NOT be offering ACH or charge card contributions for special collections. You should continue to use your envelopes for special collections.

Without a cancelled check, how can I prove I made my contribution for tax purposes? St. Charles will send you a record of all of your cash and electronic contributions for tax purposes. Your bank or credit card statements will provide you with additional proof of your electronic contributions.

What if I want to increase or change my contribution? You may contact the Parish Office for assistance with any changes you desire or simply fill out a new registration form.

What if I try electronic giving and don't like it? You may cancel or change your authorization at any time by contacting the Parish Office.

What do I need to start Electronic Contributions? 
 Complete the St. Charles Borromeo Electronic Giving Form. You may place the form in an envelope and drop it in the collection plate, return it to the Parish office or mail it to the church. Once your form is received and processed by the Business Manager, a confirmation letter with the date of your first gift will be mailed to you.

For any additional questions, please contact our Business Manager, Christine DiMartino at 663-3230 x105