The BREAD MAN is Coming to St. Charles

April 10, 2015
The BREAD MAN is Coming to St. Charles

On Thursday, April 16, we have the pleasure of having the Bread Man at St. Charles for our Lunch & Learn Series in Room 8 from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 pm. Bring a bag lunch ... refreshments will be provided.

In the greater Rochester area, "The Bread Man" is becoming a legend akin to Johnny Appleseed. He is Chet Fery, a town of Sweden resident who has traveled widely for 13 years, giving away free loaves of bread, and planting the seeds of human kindness in his inspirational presentations.

He bakes loaves of bread at home to give away to his audiences and to friends and strangers. For Chet, making bread and handing out loaves is a simple act of kindness. Along with the sharing of bread at events come the "bread time stores" which tell about people engaged in kindness toward others.

In Chet's affable style he demonstrates bread-making while talking, engaging his audience to share their stories of making bread, now or in their family history, and of acts of kindness they have experienced. They leave with a new awareness of the powerful impact of kindness toward others. They also leave with a recipe for making two loaves of bread--one to keep and one to give away.

Chet's ultimate goal for his bread project is "changing our lives and creating a world community that is caring, supportive and secure." Chet's appealing wisdom is in such demand that the is booked up through February 2016 with for our more events per week, at groups like senior centers, scouts, churches, historical societies, community centers, college campuses, wedding and similar events. In 2012, he presented at 180 events, gave away 5,600 loaves of bread and traveled approximately 9,000 miles spreading kindness to all he meets!

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