Look What's New at St. Charles!!!!

May 8, 2015
Look What's New at St. Charles!!!!

Introducing the St. Charles Youth Group Collection Box for Bottles and Cans! Now you can bring all of your cans and bottles (i.e., soda cans, 2lt bottles, water bottles, etc.) to St. Charles ANYTIME and we will take care of them for you! There is a new box outside the Gym to deposit all of your cans and bottles. Please put them in a bag and tie the bag.

If you want to bring the bottles & cans directly to Dewey Beverage on 2750 Dewey Ave, that would be great too! Let them know that you would like to donate the returns to the St. Charles Youth Group.

Help raise funds for the youth who will be attending the National Catholic Youth Convention in Indianapolis, IN in November. This is an amazing opportunity to attend key note speakers, workshops, Mass, and reconciliation. Teens come home with enthusiasm about their faith and a deeper spiritual connection!

Thanks for your donation!!!