From the Youth Group .... NCYC Update

November 12, 2015
From the Youth Group .... NCYC Update

The National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) will take place November 19-21 St. Charles will be sending 10 pilgrims on this journey. We have been preparing for the past 8 months and are traveling with 3 other area churches (St. Lawrence, Holy Cross, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton). The theme of the weekend is “HERE I AM, Lord”. Please pray for us as we will pray for the people of St. Charles Borromeo Church.

Thoughts from our teens going to NCYC … From Gabriella… I am looking forward to meeting people with the same faith as me and deepening my faith. I am excited to see what my experience will be like and I am kind of nervous too. What are the people like? What will I learn? What will I do there? I hope I come back from this trip with a deeper connection to God and the people that I meet there who share my same faith. From Stefania… One thing I am looking forward to most at NCYC is to deepen my faith. I hope to create a new connection and find the path that God wants me to take. I am excited finding other teens that are just like me. I hope to learn many things. It has been very exciting preparing for this journey. I hope one day other teens will be able to take this journey just like I have! From Elvis… I am looking forward to traveling with friends I have made. I am also looking forward to meeting other teens. From Cecilia… I am very excited for NCYC this year. I went two years ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and having a great weekend..

From Mariah… It has been fun meeting with people from other churches to prepare for NCYC. I am excited to trade our items that we made with people from other states and I am ready to bring home an amazing experience from Indianapolis!

Prayer crafted by our pilgrims…
Help me to block out judgement so I open my eyes to see acceptance, so I can have the courage to say “Here I am Lord”.
Help me to block out noise so I open my ears to hear God’s plan, so I can have the courage to say “Here I am Lord”.
Help me to block out hate so I open my heart to feel love, so I can have the courage to say “Here I am Lord”.
Here I am Lord, give me light to go where you lead.