St. Charles Launches New Website

November 23, 2009
Steven L Smith
St. Charles Launches New Website

St. Charles has had a website since 1998. Since then, a dedicated team has updated its content regularly, but the design, and general structure of the site have remained virtually unchanged. When our Parish website was first created, still only sold books, Internet banking hadn't been invented yet, Facebooks were still on paper, and if you said "Twitter" to someone, they probably would have assumed that you were a fan of Disney movies ("twitterpated" was a word invented in Bambi).

Fast forward to 2009. The whole way we access the Internet has changed. No longer is the Internet a hobby for people who are good with computers; its a part of our everyday lives. We use it at work and at play. And the St. Charles Website is ready for us.

Keep up to date with what's going on in the Parish. Click a button to add an event to your computer-based calendar or smartphone. Find out the latest St. Charles News. Learn about what's going on here. Its your church. Welcome!