Good Luck Tyler Kerr -- 50K Run on April 30

April 28, 2016

Tyler’s 50K to Housing in Haiti

My name is Tyler Kerr and I began this adventure a little over a year ago. I started to take my running seriously with my one and only goal being able to demonstrate to my four children that with focus, determination, and dedication anything is possible in life by running an ultra-marathon. However, sometimes the call to help others is too great to ignore in life.

Starting November 2015, I began trying to seek out a charity that I wanted to work with through running that helps a large number of people, helps those in the most dire of need, and that I could be passionate about. Over the next two months I continued to search everyday but nothing seemed to jump out at me. That is until a missionary priest, who works with Food For The Poor, came to St. Charles Borromeo parish the weekend of January 17. He spoke about the crisis that is still on going in Haiti. Like many people when he said he works to provide relief to those in Haiti, I thought, "that is over with; it happened like six years ago". Never the less I listened intently to his words and about halfway through found that voice in the back of my head screaming at me saying, "This is the charity!"

On April 30, I will be taking on the challenge of running the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Kilometer Race at Bear Mountain, New York. For those of you who are not used to kilometers that is 31.25 miles! I figured if I can accomplish my goal of running an ultra-marathon and raise money to put a roof over the head of some of the poorest families in the western hemisphere, it is a win-win. That is where YOU come in. I am asking you, yes you, to help me in reaching my goal so together we can provide a safe, warm home for at least one family in Haiti. Please look into your heart to help me conquer this mountain and reach the finish line!

Below are ways to help contribute to this fundraising effort:

  1. On-Line at the following website address: (preferred method)
    (on-line contributions are taken through May 6, 2016)
  2. Use the form below to mail a donation by May 6. Please make checks payable to Food for the Poor and include in the memo line of the check the reference number: sc99719 -for HAITIAN housing. The mailing address is:
    Food For The Poor, P.O. Box 979005, Coconut Creek, FL 33097-9005.

Thank you!

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