Come Play Kickball This Summer!

June 3, 2016

This summer, the Youth Group invites you to join them to play Kickball! There will be co-ed teams consisting of 5th - 12th graders. The season runs from July 6 to August 10. 6 games will be placed on Wednesdays. Contact Jill Kinsella - Youth Minister for more details ( OR 663-8000x3). Permission slip is required of all participants.

Kickball Rules for Monroe County Catholic Youth Kickball
2016 Season

  1. Pitching: Slow to moderate pitches only. If the kicker requests a slower pitch then the pitcher is obligated to do so. The pitcher should try his/her best to give the kicker a pitch that they feel most comfortable kicking.
  2. Kicking: All kicks must be made by foot. A kicker will be called out if they get 3 strikes or 4 foul balls.
  3. A play ends when the pitcher has control of the ball and is near the mound/pitching circle. Any runner who interferes with the ball on its way back to the pitcher will be called out.
  4. The ball can be thrown at any player and must hit shoulder and below. The runner will be called safe if it hits their head unless they are sliding/ducking the ball. If a player is hit in the head they get the base they are running to. No leading off or stealing is allowed.
  5. On an overthrow the runner may advance at their own risk. They are allowed to run more than one base if they want.
  6. Absolutely NO WHINING ALLOWED. Umpires rulings are final!!!

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