3/25 Updates

March 25, 2020

From Father John:

Sacrament of Penance I was asked recently about the Sacrament of Penance/confession. Allow me to make a few brief pastoral points: 1) Even in the time of COVID-19 the sacrament of penance is still administered since it is a great comfort ,most especially , in times of uncertainty. 2) Individual confession continues to be the ordinary way of celebrating this healing sacrament. Confession may never be celebrated via any social media platforms or by telephone. 3) Here at Saint Charles Borromeo Parish we have made prudent adaptation to the location to celebrate the sacrament. The location is no longer in the confessional but rather in a larger and better ventilated area of the church (the glass enclosed area at the entrance of the church). This temporary and suitable space still maintains the privacy, sacred confidentiality, and proper protection for both the penitent and the priest. 4) Finally, and most importantly , be assured of our Lord’s healing and forgiving presence in your life’s with every sincere request for forgiveness and firm resolve to love God above all things until you have recourse to celebrate sacramental confession.

Other Updates:

Suspicious e-mails and text messages (Reminder) …. If you receive a message from Fr. John Firpo or someone else via e-mail or text that looks suspicious, please ignore it. Most likely it is a scam/phishing message looking for information. Most of those messages might read: “Please respond to this message. I have a favor to ask….” If you still have questions about the message, please call the parish office and leave a message. Someone will get back to you soon with a response.

With the increase in messages being sent by e-mail and text, please be careful when opening these messages. If you don’t know the site or the person and/or it looks suspicious, don’t trust it. USE AN EXTRA ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION AT THIS TIME! Here are a few precautions that you can use at this time:
1. Do not click on links or open any attachment in email without verifying its authenticity. 2. Use trusted sources such as legitimate government websites for information (for example, COVID-19). 3. Do not reveal any personal or financial information in email. 4. Do not respond to email solicitations. 5. Verify a charity's authenticity before making a donation. 6. Do not purchase gift cards based on an email you receive. Verify by phone call before spending your money.

Palms Yes there will be palms at the church entrance (handicapped accessible door) the weekend of Palm Sunday (April 4 & 5). For this year, we will not be accepting old palms. Parishioners can dispose of the old palms by either burying them in their garden or by burning them. They are not to be thrown away in the trash.