Parish Finance Report - January 2010

January 27, 2010
Finance Council

For the first six months of our fiscal year, July through December, our operating financial results reflected a small operating surplus thanks to better than anticipated income from Bingo, Parish Fundraising, Holy Days and Christmas collections, and donations. We also benefited from several less than anticipated expenses such as salaries and benefits, other operating expenses throughout our various programs, and the delay in the purchasing of some furniture items. That being said, with the winter season now definitely upon us we know that we will have significantly greater utility bills in the coming months and these, as well as other major anticipated operating expenses, will rapidly erode the small surplus we currently have.

An area of concern is that our Weekend Collections are significantly short of what we budgeted to support the many ministries and the operating expenses of our parish. These weekly offerings are our parish’s major source of income and are used to pay salaries, keep the lights on, pay for the gas for our boilers, cool the church in the summer, plow the parking lot in the winter, and provide for all the many other expenses needed to operate our parish on a daily basis.

Many of you are faithfully giving very generously and we cannot thank you enough for your continuing faithful support. We would like to ask that those of you who do not support the Parish on a regular basis, or who have the means to provide additional support, to please reflect on the value of St. Charles in your lives and consider supporting our parish community through regular weekly or monthly offerings. St. Charles is a wonderful, friendly and vibrant place that with your support will remain so for many, many years to come.

As always we Thank You for your prayers, and Thank You for demonstrating the good stewardship of sharing your Time, your Talents, and your Treasure.